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To Hug or Not to Hug. That is the Question.

Hugs and Children DO go together!

Is it a good idea to hug your child? What about social situations – especially with relatives?

Have you ever had a family member such as an aunt or a grandparent huge your child and the child is uncomfortable? There’s a better way to have the situation unfold WITHOUT creating excess discomfort for your child.

It’s important to guide your child to “step up” to social situations. Prepare your children as required to enable them to better adjust to social situations.

Honesty and your Kids

Persistent and Diligent Actions are the Key

Honest as a practice is a good practice for all parents to follow. Building a policy of honesty with your children is vital to ensure better adaptation into our society.

Set your standards for expectations with your children – including consequences for actions. This should include how you expect your children to be honest. Noticing that they’re following honesty as a practice and giving them positive feedback will help build an honest child into a better equipped adult.

Raising Winners by setting your children’s sights high

Raising Winners by setting your children’s sights high. Raising Winners Requires Big Dreams, Hard Work and Parents Who Challenge. Who would have picked out the poverty stricken boy from Detroit or the lower middle class daughter of Dominican immigrants to be successes in our fields? Have a vision for your child’s potential! Let’s Save America One Child at a Time! Join the cause. Inform other parents.